210.70 Lighting Outlets Required​

210.70 Lighting Outlets Required

This section is split into the following first level sub-divisions:
(A) Dwelling Unit
(B) Guest Rooms or Guest Suites
(C) All Occupancies

NEC 2017 Changes
The changes seen in the 2017 NEC for lighting outlets required can be found in 210.70(A)(1) where we added kitchen.  Not a significant change in my opinion as we all add a controlled light for kitchens.  This is just cleaning up loose ends.  We addressed concerns about dimmer switches at the top and bottom of stairs in a new section 210.70(A)(2)(4).  You have to have a dimmer at both sides of the stairs if you will be putting any dimmers in.  In 210.70(C), All Occupancies, we added utility rooms and basements to be included in the lighting outlet requirements.

NEC 2020 Changes
Introduction of a listed wall-mounted control device to replace previous references to a wall switch.  A point of control is now required at each entry point to attics and underfloor spaces.  This change facilitates safety by ensuring illumination of these dark spaces.  

Solutions to meet these requirements


Smart Control

Eaton light switches are some of the best in the industry.  Give yourself the ability to illuminate by placing these devices in the right locations.

Make those switches smart so you can activate them remotely.