$1.41 – Nehad El-sherif

Nehad El-Sherif

Nehad El-Sherif

Induction into the $1.41 club

Join me in welcoming Mr. Nehad El-Sherif to the $1.41 club.  I remember the first time I met Nehad when he was fighting to increase safety in the National Electrical Code.  Nehad knows what it means to formulate an argument and he knows what winning and losing is in a constant battle for electrical safety.  In addition to his activities with NEC CMP 2, Nehad is very active with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  Through Nehad’s published papers and articles as well as his actions as part of the NEC, you can  see his passion for safety.  Nehad is a welcome addition and has earned his $1.41.

The Penny

Penny for your thoughts

Nehad earned his penny many times as he is not one to be shy when it comes to speaking up for electrical safety.  Nehad knows how to get his thoughts on the table with all of the right people.  His ideas on increasing safety are often backed up with data. 

The Nickel

If I only had a Nickel . . .

So Nehad is not a stranger to the NEC.  He has the ideas, he gets the data and he is not shy about taking action.  I remember the first time I met him I was impressed with the fact that I know the journey that Nehad has been on as many, including me, have taken that same jorney.  I remember seeing him working hard to understand the system, to understand the process and meet all of the key individuals necessary to get his idea moving.  Nehad earned this Nickle because he took his ideas and made them happen.

The Dime

Change doesn’t occur on a dime 

The dime tells us it takes time and persistence to make something happen in this electrical industry.  Nehad earned this dime because he does not give up.  The first time I met Nehad was when he was presenting to CMP 2 on the topic of the special purpose GFCI.  You could tell, this was his baby and he was bringing it to the world.  His journey continues in regard to electrical safety win, lose or draw.       

The Quarter

Founding Fathers.

Our founding fathers fought for freedom, they never gave up and their actions were not popular.  Nehad earned this quarter because I have seen how he faced criticism with data.  He faced disagreements and debate with facts and engineering basics.  Safety in our electrical industry is shaped by the brave souls like Nehad who face criticism and debate but keep moving forward.

The Buck

The simple majority

This buck recognizes the fact that Nehad can make his arguments and earn that simple majority.  He has indeed done more than that increasing electrical safety through influencing change.  His public inputs around the special purpose GFCI moved 210.8 beyond 15A and 20A circuits.  He brought evidence of shock around air conditioning condensing units outside and moved CMP 2 to provide protection for outdoor outlets.  Nehad earned this buck without a doubt and I’m sure he’s not going away.