$1.41 – scott margolin

Scott Margolin

Scott Margolin

Induction into the $1.41 club

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Scott Margolin has earned a place in the $1.41 club.  Scott brings passion for safety of  the electrical worker to the table as well as over 30 years of experience in arc-rated/flame resistant (FR) clothing to this team of leaders. Mr. Margolin is Vice President of Technical at Tyndale and has an extensive background in this topic of arc-rated and flame resistant clothing. Scott has an extensive background in industry and testing around incident energy. My involvement with Scott has been during those times that our travels overlapped and I had the opportunity to watch him share his passion for safety and present on the topic of PPE bringing his passion, knowledge, and research on  arc flash and more to increase worker safety.  In addition to the many presentations that he has made globally, Mr. Margolin is also an author with many technical articles and white papers under his belt.

The Penny

Penny for your thoughts

Anyone who knows Scott understands the fact that his energy and passion for safety does not stop him from sharing his thoughts around the important topic of electrical safety.  Scott has earned the penny that represents the saying “A  penny for your  thoughts” through delivering many presentations with the electrical Training Alliance and many other forums teaching the trades the proper selection and use of personal protective equipment.  Scott demonstrates one of the key qualities of the $1.41 club which is sharing and getting converstations moving that eventually change and form our electrical industry.

The Nickel

If I only had a Nickel . . .

Scott has earned this Nickle because his ideas and his leadership style have changed the landscape of our  electrical industry.  From the fabrics that we wear to the thoughts in our heads as we don our PPE and more, Scott has made an impact.  Scott has never sat on his ideas and suppress his passion for electrical safety. He presents globally and is well written in an effort to make his ideas known and his ideas have and are continuing to influence change in our  industry.  This Nickle may not make Scott a rich man but  it represents those many ideas that he had and will have that he knows will indeed see the light of day.

The Dime

Change doesn’t occur on a dime 

This dime represents the fact that you can’t change the electrical industry on a dime.  Scott has been in this industry for more than 30 years and he completely understands the fact that you must persist with your message to eventually impact change.  His engagement, regardless of the company he is with, has been consistent.  Scott is an individual that doesn’t let defeat put him down and a  model of one demonstrates you cannot lose your passion for safety.  Scott earned this dime as he understands that his ideas may take decades to become reality in changing the industry.  

The Quarter

Founding Fathers.

It is quite difficult to earn this quarter which represents the founding fathers of the United States of America.  This quarter represents courage when sharing ideas that may no be popular.   Scott is an individual that brings topics to the table that may not be popular.  Yes it is true that Scott has ruffled the feathers of some and managed through the political challenges that the industry can present.    He has demonstrated that he has the energy, the conviction, knowledge and many other qualities that make him worthy of earning this quarter.  

The Buck

The simple majority

A simple majority seems like a simple task to obtain but in reality it is quite difficult.  Obtaining a simple majority around any table represents the fact that you are not alone with your ideas and even if you may not have enough on your side to succeed in change, you have started others thinking in step with your leadership ideas.  The dollar bill represents this simple majority and Scott has earned it as he continues to influence change in the industry standards and codes.