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Welcome to my Calendar of Events
This calendar includes my LIVE events. Also included are events with which I am somehow involved. Please note that my events are free but the events from other organizations may not be. I include event registration links in the calendar when necessary. Please note that some of the listed events are a part of another association such as the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). The events on my calendar are, in my opinion, worth your time and involvement.

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2 thoughts on “Calendar of events

  1. Here’s a great NEC question: why is it that they’ve kept making the font of the NEC smaller and smaller ever since 2014, even though as we all know the average age of the electrician is getting older and older? “I can’t wait to see your public input.” But in reality things like this would be said to be out of order if they were brought up in a public input and the committee people either don’t or can’t do anything about it.

    1. So J.W. I think the challenge we have is in the diversity of installations and the desire to make special requirements for each. There is an effort to reorganize / restructure the NEC and the issue you point out is indirectly a point of discussion in many forums. There is probably an argument to be made that many requirements found in the back chapters of the book could be a part of the general requirements. how much duplication is there in the Code? Can we remove that duplication?

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