HVAC electrical hazard awareness

This page is designed to help us all understand safety around HVAC installations.  Awareness of the hazard is the first step to instituting change.

Officials say that the man was performing HVAC work on the roof of a commercial establishment when he was electrocuted.  The cause of the electrocution is still not know.
A technician employed by a locally-owned heating and air conditioning company in Norfolk VA died after he was electrocuted while working in a customer’s home in Norfolk.
One of two electricians suffered an electric shock when working on an HVAC system.
A 35-year-old service technician for an HVAC company was killed on the job, according to the Spartanburg County coroner.
A worker injured at a an  elementary school  died after apparently being electrocuted while working on HVAC equipment.

Summerlin said the ventilation unit apparently charged the surrounding area, sending a jolt of electricity through the bodies of the victims as they tried to exit the room.

More information here.

An air conditioning technician’s death in an attic was not due to heat, officials determined. An autopsy revealed the primary cause of death was electrocution.
Two employees were repairing the compressor on a Trane air conditioning unit installed on the roof of a building.
An employe was servicing a coil and condenser in a residential attic. He was found unconscious and died from electrocution
Rushing to get home before the city’s curfew, 12-year-old Vontrail Pargo decided to cut Thursday through a neighbor’s back yard. He never made it to his house, less than two blocks away.The South Side boy was electrocuted when he tried to jump a fence.
22 year old working on a heat pump service call touched the air handler cabinet and became locked up from electrical shock.

The air-conditioning unit shocked one as he touched it, then as his brother tried to help, he too, was shocked. When the boys’ father, heard their yells he tried to help them and he too was shocked.

29 year old died while performing HVAC maintenance.

CPSC Case number 211244579

58 year old male with electric shock to hands by a 220V AC unit while working on the unit.  the individual was sitting on a stool when he received the shock. (12/15/2021)

CPSC Case Number 200303270

28 year old female went to emergency room after the patient was walking by an AC unit that was covered in some water.  She was shocked through her right arm as she walked by the hotel. (1/15/20)

cpsc case number 190744523

34 year old male was fixing an air conditioning unit when he was electrocuted. (7/17/19) 

cpsc case number 181067001

53 year old male went to the emergency room after being electrocuted while installing an air conditioner. (7/8/18)

The victim was kneeling down on the right side of the unit attempting to line up the gas pipe . . victim leaned towards the front of the system, where the open panel with the adapter cord was located, . . .  the victim came into contact with energized electrical wires.

As the employee drilled a hole, the sharp edge of the strap contacted house wiring attached to a floor joist above him, damaging its insulation.

Authorities said a woman has died and young child was hurt after being shocked by an air conditioner in a motel room Monday.

A worker using a vacuum to clean an AC unit had his forehead come in contact with the energized coil.

This was included in an NFPA document as well available here.

A 32-year-old told others he saw  air conditioner  leaking on the first floor.  He took a cloth to wipe it and he died instantly.

8-yo boy electrocuted after  coming  in contact with an air conditioner.  Swimming day of fun came to a stop.

Don’t touch the door, Mommy was shocked,” child warns dad after motel electrocutions.

The child touched exposed wires and was killed.

Always important to stay updated when recalls occur from the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

A damaged air conditioner cord sparked the fire that tore through a Queens home over the weekend, killing a mother and her 7-year-old daughter died and leaving two other people hurt.

An explosion in an air conditioner killed four members of a family, including a couple and their two children, in Mariyammanahalli hamlet in the Vijayanagara district of Karnataka.

A short circuit is suspected to be the reason behind the fire.

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