The Dollar 41 Club

The $1.41 club includes leaders in the electrical industry.  These individuals represent those who have demonstrated leadership in safety.  These individuals are making a difference by sharing their ideas and helping to shape the electrical industry.  Those on this list demonstrate a passion for safety that is contagious in a good way.


The Penny

Penny for your thoughts

The penny represents the saying “A  penny for your  thoughts”.  Many of us in the electrical industry have ideas and sometimes those ideas are just not shared.  Sharing your thoughts around electrical safety just may help move  the industry in the right direction.  Your idea may spark another idea and so on.  This is how we together  change the industry.  It all starts with that idea.  These individuals all offered their ideas and almost never received a penny for their thoughts.

The Nickel

If I only had a Nickel . . .

Having recognized the importance of that penny for your thoughts, if I only had a Nickel for every thought that was never acted upon that could have increased electrical safety I would be a rich man.   The individuals on this list did not sit on their ideas.  They did not suppress their passion.  They made their ideas known and they have and are influencing change.  This Nickel may not make them rich but  it represents those many ideas that never saw the light of day.

The Dime

Change doesn’t occur on a dime 

This dime represents the fact that you can’t change the electrical industry on a dime.  We’ve all heard this saying before in relation to other things.  Sometimes the obvious takes time to get adopted.  the Penny paid for your thoughts and the Nickel that drove the action initiates the journey to change in our electrical industry.  The dime is a significant representation that we must understand that our  great ideas may take decades to become reality.  

The Quarter

Founding Fathers.

The quarter has the image of George Washington.  George Washington played an important role as was a part of the founding fathers of the United States.  These individuals stood up for what they thought was right.  They stood up for what they believed in.  And their actions made history.  This quarter represents the passion of those on this list who have stood up for what they thought was right and recognizes that their passion has and continues to shape and change our electrical industry.

The Buck

The simple majority

The dollar bill represents the simple majority which is all that is needed to move safety forward at most tables that recognize some form of Robert’s Rules.  In many cases the simple majority keeps the idea alive to some extent.  Obtaining a simple majority may be a short lived success but it means and represents the fact that you are not alone in your idea.  Your idea resonates with someone and that’s all you need to bring upon change.  Your journey may start in one direction but it’s that simple majority that may steer your journey in a different but an even better direction.  Embrace success at every stage in the process.  The individuals on this list have achieved this goal and have taken theirs ideas to the next level.

Introducing the $1.41 Club

Jim Dollard
Scott Margolin
Nehad El-Sherif
Joe Fello