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Please be advised that these resources are to be used at your own risks. Spreadsheets that are provided here should be questioned and assumed incorrect until you verify for yourself. Do NOT use these tools for anything other than an educational reference.

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Well, this is an experimental only resource.  I added this resource just to see if it gets any traction.

Please leverage it as you see fit.



NEC Code Changes

This fault current calculator is a quick an easy way to estimate the maximum available fault current at a location in the power system. It will even create a label to meet the requirements of NEC Section 110.24.

This resource is perfect for those who want an indepth knowledge of how to properly select overcurrent protection.  This is a must have for your power systems engineering library..

This is a work in progress.  My goal is to have a resource that provides information regarding history and changes for each section of the NEC.

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