$1.41 – Jim Dollard

Jim Dollard

Jim Dollard

Induction into the $1.41 club

I am pleased to announce that Mr. Jim Dollard has earned a place in the $1.41 club.  If you have ever met Mr. Dollard you would understand what I mean when I say that Jim brings passion for safety to the table.  I am pleased to include Jim to this team of elite professionals who are changing the industry.  

Mr. Dollard brings 38 years of experience in electrical construction to the table. He has been a member of NEC committees since the 1999 revision cycle.  Jim could be found at many codes and standards tables including the NEC Correlating Committee, CMP-10, CMP-13, NFPA 70E, and  many more.  Jim is an authorized master OSHA 500 instructor and brings his experience as the safety coordinator for IBEW Local 98 in Philadelphia PA.  Jim’s passion is contagious as represented by his success in earning his $1.41.

The Penny

Penny for your thoughts

Without hesitation Jim is not shy when it comes to sharing his ideas around electrical safety.  This Penny is well earned.  I can’t begin to create text that shares with you the fact that Jim has no problem with removing that filter between idea and mouth.  You will see as we walk through this $1.41, Jim is a great example of how a penny for your thoughts can get an industry moving in the right direction.  A penny well earned Jim.


The Nickel

If I only had a Nickel . . .

Jim is not only the idea factory, he has also been on the manufacturing floor when it comes to crafting the language that has implemented his ideas.  Jim has taken his practical experience as the IBEW Safety Coordinator and translated those ideas into real code language that has increased safety for many globally.  I have been at many tables and in many rooms with the opportunity to see Jim share his passion and argue his position.  Jim has demonstrated over and over that he can create an idea and create champions around his idea to influence change for safety.  This nickel is for your Jim.

The Dime

Change doesn’t occur on a dime 

A great example of one of Jim’s ideas that has influenced change in the industry is found in Section 240.87 of the NEC.  Jim told me that after a 70E meeting and debate, as he traveled home, he said to himself as he remembered a debate; “We can put  the equivalent of an F250 on Mars but we can’t solve this incident energy issue for breakers without an instantaneous?”  That was the moment 240.87 was born in Jim’s head and it translated into a wild journey for the NEC.  This Section is the first  time since 1971 that an incident energy reduction requirement entered the NEC.  Jim earned this dime over and over as he introduces his ideas at the table for the sake of safety for the electrical worker.  He understands that this industry takes time to move and his patience and perseverance pay off for all of us.

The Quarter

Founding Fathers.

The category of a founding father is quite significant.  The magnitude of this level of the $1.41 club is even greater when we understand that we are relating this to electrical safety. If you know and or have ever experienced Jim Dollard, you would completely understand that this person is indeed the epitome of what this quarter represents.  Jim has continuously demonstrated the courage that it takes to make things happen.  He can be found presenting on electrical safety to electrical workers and others.  You would find him at the table helping to construct language.  He has presented to Code Panels and has helped steer and guide their decisions.  He’s been seen at the microphone at many of NFPA Annual Meetings speaking for what he believes in; electrical safety.   

The Buck

The simple majority

Jim’s passion for safety is contagious.  His ability to earn a simple majority at the table is impressive.  Jim understands that changing an industry relies on the ability to communicate ideas and it relies on others to understand and adopt those ideas.  The fact that we see some important changes in the National Electrical Code due to the efforts of Jim Dollard speaks to his accomplishment of earning this dollar.  

Some NEC Code requirements directly related to Jim’s passion that earned more than that simple majority needed to maintain change in the NEC:

110.26(C)(3) Personnel Doors:  Moving this section from 1200A down to 800A to help the electrical worker obtain the space needed for electrical work.

230.67 Surge Protection:  The journey for this requirement that can be found in NEC 2020 began during the 2011 NEC Code cycle as Public Input 4-53 and 4-127.

240.87 Arc Energy Reduction:  You’ll find Jim’s public input as part of the 2011 cycle for the NEC.  Public Input 10-82.