Connectivity – Fundamentals

This #Eatontechtalk will walk through the basics around connectivity of energy monitoring solutions to provide the fundamentals you will need for your next project.  We install meters, relays, circuit breakers and more that have communication capabilities and eventually, if not immediately, we will want to bring them back to some controller, computer, or other system.

This session will break down the system to help you understand some of the key areas you’ll need to think about when achieving your goals and objectives.


Energy Monitoring Meter Selection and Accuracy

Energy monitoring meter selection and accuracy is the focus of this #EatonTechTalk.  This session will continue our Energy Month focus with a discussion on meter accuracy.  This session will focus on meeting the expectations of the application.  There are a lot of things to consider including the capabilities of the meter, current transformers, and much more.  We will talk about functionality and features of metering equipment as well as their accuracy with an eye of all aspects of the installation that could impact the accuracy of the data.

You will need to understand the goals and objectives of the installation and pay attention to details during the selection of all components to meet those goals and objectives.

Some other references include:


Energy Management

Welcome to Energy Month!!!

This @EatonTechTalk will kick off June as an energy month of educational content.  In today’s session we will set the stage with a review of energy management in industrial, commercial, and residential applications.  

This session will build a foundation for the month-long educational content we will deliver on this channel.  We will review some general terminology often used and talk about strategies to consider as you approach an energy management focus for your organization.

Some key references for your study include the following:

  1. Application Manufacturing Facility reducing costs:
  2. Application:  Pharmaceutical maximizing uptime:
  3. Energy management overview:
  4. Power management communication architecture:

Leaders in Safety – Nehad El-Sherif

This session will take a deep dive with Nehad El-Sherif around some important recent changes in GFCI.  Nehad will be dialing in from Egypt for this discussion which is yet another demonstration of his commitment to electrical safety.

Nehad earned his $1.41 for the Buck 41 Club.  Join us for a discussion around GFCI recent expansion and more.


Leaders in Safety – Joe Fello

This session will review the origins of some big changes that occurred in Marinas.  All too many children and others are lost due to electric shock drowning in and around marinas. This session will have a special guest, Mr. Joe Fello, who’s interest in increasing safety helped stir the spot.

Joe earned his $1.41 for the Buck 41 Club and this is his story.

Please join us for this session around Marina Safety and more.

Leaders in Electrical Safety Jim Dollard

This session will focus on influencing change in electrical safety through the eyes of our first inductee to the $1.41 club.  Jim Dollard has been at the beginning of many key changes in Codes and Standards and has sat at many tables helping craft language.

This will be a one-on-one discussion with my friend Jim Dollard.  We’ll talk about the creation of some key changes in the NEC that have and will continue to save lives.

Here is the $1.41 Club Page and Jim’s inductee page can be accessed at the bottom of the page.



Arc Flash Calculations and Theory

This #EatonTechTalk continues National Electrical Safety month with a focus on arc flash calculations and theory.  Remember, the primary reference many use for calculating incident energy is IEEE 1584, “IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard”.  So this session will help the attendee understand some of the key aspects pertaining to this important calculation.  And also remember that the more labeled installations that we can create the easier it will be for the electrical worker to dress for success.

You won’t want to miss this session with Michael King and David Smith and myself as we explore arc flash calculations and theory.

  1. IEEE 1584, “IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard”
  2. Arc energy reduction and the National Electrical Code
  3. Industrial Power Systems Analysis II 3 Day Course


Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

Electrical Safety Month – the Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter!

This #EatonTechTalk Live session is going to kick off electrical safety month with a deep dive into shock protection.  I could not think of a topic more worthy of this than shock protection as all too many succumb to the negative attributes of electricity when solutions like GFCI are readily available and won’t break the bank.  We’ll review the technology, the standards, and the Codes including what is going on with NEC 2023!  This device is there to reduce the likelihood of electric shock and it is making a difference.

We’ll take a look at the fact that there is still work to be done!  Join us today at 5:00PM Eastern for this session and watch out for alot of safety chats and info and opportunities the entire Month of May!

Shock Protection
Shock protection is not just for these types of locations.

We see GFCI protection is bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors and other areas in and around water but it doesn’t take mixing water and electricity to kill you.  We’ll explore even more data to demonstrate there is a lot of work to be done.  Please check out the shock statistics from the CPSC and don’t forget to take a look at the types of events that are causing deaths due to electrocution.  We are still losing lives in residential homes and I have to ask why that is the case when cost effective solutions exist to prevent that loss of life.


My Name is Thomas Domitrovich and I’m doing everything I can to help change our safety culture.  Together we can make a difference.

Ground Fault Protection – Testing

This #EAtonTechTalk with a guest Mr. Mike King and David Smith, will take a deep dive into testing of and the requirements for GFPE protection.  The attendee will experience a review of the following:

  • Types of CTs
  • UL and NEC requirements
  • Primary current injection testing basics
  • Understanding of what secondary current injection testing
  • Differences between first installation and continuous maintenance

We’ll cover some of the complex aspects of GFPE testing to help ensure you can recognize when testing is being performed correctly.

As usual, pleaser remember to check out and use the promo code “EATONTechTalk” for a 10% discount on all Eaton training.

Some reference materials include the following:

Performance testing for ground fault circuit breakers (


Energy Codes

The self declared June Energy Month continues with a discussion on energy codes.

This session will entertain a discussion with Mr. Mike Stone,  NEMA’s West Coast Field Representative, who is heavily involved on energy codes bringing a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the industry in this regard.  Mr. Stone is with NEMA as a field representative and is a leader I am privileged to call my friend.  the NEMA field representative program brings some of the best kept secret resources to the industry.  There are four representatives working hard to increase safety across the country.

You will not want to miss this event and opportunity to get to know Mr. Stone and the NEMA field rep program which includes 3 other individuals working hard for safety across the country.